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He is Talented and Comes From Ivory Coast

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koffi masta

Check out Stream Africa interview with Ivorian artist and songwriter Koffi Masta.


Being originally from Ivory Coast, Africa. How was it like for you growing up in Africa?

Growing up in Ivory Coast was an experience like no other. My parents were doing pretty well financially so I had quite a nice childhood. But our country went trough ups and downs as we had a war going on for almost 10 years. That war changed all of us in bad and good ways I think. Regardless it was a great experience, it made a lot of who I am today and what I represent.

How old were you when you moved to the US?

I was 19 and I’m 26 now.

When did you start your music career?

I started writing and recording when I was 14 just for the passion. But I really started taking things seriously when I got kicked out of the house in New Orleans. I moved to Atlanta where I had a couple of good friends. I arrived in that city broke with no job, no money to go to school, and more importantly I was going blind as I was infected with Keratoconus. All this struggle made me write even more and became motivations, signs that Music might be my way out. That’s really when I started my music career.

Koffi masta

You write all your songs lyrics. So what inspires you as a songwriter?

LIFE is inspiration. I am inspired by what I live, learn, experiment. From negatives to positives, from struggle to success, from a bad day to last night party. I like to follow my mood when I write instead of forcing things.

You have already premiered your new album. What is the message behind this new album?

My album “HUSTLE AND DJOSSI” is like a motivational speech. It’s a lot about success and how it doesn’t happen overnight. How greatness is only achieved though pain. Pain before Gain.

ivory coast music

When should we expect your next album?

2015. I dont have an official date yet but you will hear from me soon enough.

Do you have any up coming events? If yes, do you mind sharing the details with us?

My next big event is the official release of the video for my single “BOGOTA”. I cant share you much details but my crew and I have a big surprise for all my fans for the release.

koffi masta

Do you have anything else; you will like to share with your fans out there?

YES I definitely want to thank my fans, my audience, everybody that have been following me since I started dropping this free mixtapes online. I wouldn’t still be working on this music if it wasn’t for you guys and your appreciation of what I do. Thanks for all the messages, the feedback, the encouragements. ONE LOVE!!



By Maimouna O. Gbor