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Diamond Platnumz Flaunts His New Crib, aka State House

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It is not uncommon for artistes and celebrities to show off in the social media. Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz has posted photos of his alleged 70 million shilling (TSHS?) mansion which is still under construction. Diamond, who is arguably one of the most famous and highest earning artistes in the whole of east Africa seems to be doing really well with himself. Life seems to be very sweet for the singer.

Best known for his hit song “Number One”, Diamond, whose real name is Nasibu Abdul Juma, was born early 1989. He is a Bongo Flava artist and singer from Tanzania. The young artiste is considered most influential in the larger east African region. Just the other day the singer shared several photos of his house via his instagram account. He claims that the new mansion, containing a gym, Jacuzzi, counter, dancing hall, recording studio, darts court, basketball court, swimming pool among others, is his house number ten.


The Bongo star showed photos of his mansion, which he calls “state house” from the time the construction began till its current position. The house is evidently very expensive. Wise investment it seems. Considering the amount of money he is earning, such an investment is really important .Diamond Platnumz is not the first Tanzanian artiste to flaunt his unfinished house though! It is common to see celebrities flaunting their mansions and especially expensive cars in the social media and videos too.


A year ago, and three weeks ago.



The photos have caused a lot of uproar in the social media where fans are busy commenting about the photos. One was quoted saying “that’s good investment you won’t go wrong on housing. …when the bank account is fat buy and when it gets thin sell to survive then you will ever have happy life” others did not have good words though. Some criticized the house as is always expected of people.

& his girlfriend Zari

& his girlfriend Zari; of course, you must.

His unfinished state house is not the only thing he is flaunting it seems! Diamond is fond of showing off his valuables for example cars and even his beautiful socialite girlfriend Zari! Not long ago we were entertained with photos of him and girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. The artiste has spent a lot of money in this house. That is why he has all the reasons in the world to show it off. At least now his fans have something juicy to talk about! We can only wish the hit maker all the success he deserves.


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