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Simple but realistic steps into healthy living

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Healthy living

There is no doubt that there is nobody who doesn’t want to live a healthy life. However, wait, have you ever stopped to think of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle? Well, living a healthy life incorporates quite a number of factors ranging from the foods that you eat to the kind of exercises that you do.

According to health experts, healthy living is within your reach. However, they are also quick to point out that you must be ready to commit to a long-term engagement in order to realize your goals at the end of the day. It is not something that happens in a fortnight.

Here are some of the most practical tips that will help or rather guide you into leading a healthy lifestyle.

Set goals

What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? Do you want to cut weight? Do you want just to keep fit? It is extremely essential to generate realistic goals that you will be able to achieve within a set period. Your goals are more of a road map to the kind of life you look forward to living. Try as much as possible to stick to your goals.

Start by visiting your doctor

The second step towards healthy living is to visit your doctor. That is important. The doctor will give you a clear guide based on what your goals. Doctors also advise on the type of exercises you will need to take and the food to eat or avoid.

Start eating healthy foods

Healthy foods are undoubtedly a good foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from foods rich in fats. According to doctors, saturated fats are among the unhealthy fats. It is a medically proven fact that such fats raise LDL cholesterol. High cholesterol, on the other hand, increases the risks of developing heart complications.

Instead of consuming saturated fats, you should eat mono-saturated, poly-saturated as well as the healthy omega 3 fats. These fats are some of the best components used to lower LDL cholesterol.

In addition, if you are determined to live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from foods that are rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates. Such foods include soft drinks, juices, white bread and sweet. Instead, use fresh juices, whole grains and fresh fruits. Avoid too much of processed foods as well.

Exercise a lot

Workouts are a factor that should, in fact, sit atop your healthy living checklist. This includes some gentle stretching to warm up muscles before the real exercises. Fitness instructors say that it is important to hit the gyms at least three or five times a week with a minimum one hour workouts in order to stay healthy and fit.

However, you decide to walk instead of driving if you cannot afford to go to the gym for one reason or the other.

Watch your habits

Did you know that your habits can lead to unhealthy living? Yes, you read it right. Unhealthy habits include smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol. Also, ensure that you have adequate sleep.

Maintain good hygiene

At times, people do not regard good hygiene as being a significant factor that characterizes healthy lifestyle. But they are wrong. In reality, you should take a shower after working out, wear clean clothes and brush your teeth, at least twice a day.

There you go! Follow this checklist and you will, beyond any reasonable doubt, live a healthy life.


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By Samuel Otachi Abuya