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Adey Soile Presents ‘The Adey Woman’ & A Workwear Style ‘How to’

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‘The Adéy Woman’ Collection – the debut collection by Adéy Soile, presented in the latter half of 2014 – draws inspiration from the modern woman for which it is intended. Essentially, the Adéy Woman is chic, elegant and able to seamlessly transition from Office to Evening. Prompted by the Adéy aesthetic, we – here at Stream Africa – decided to compile a simple Workwear Style ‘How to’ guide for you. And, of course, we will include a few of our favourite looks from ‘The Adéy Woman’ Collection.

adey woman

The Jackie’ by Adéy Soile


Looking effortlessly put-together can be challenging – but not impossible. Think Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Clinton; or, if you will, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana. These women are style icons for simple, classic, chic, work-appropriate style, though their most stylish looks can admittedly be difficult to emulate, especially on a budget.

The key to an excellent workwear wardrobe is simple: Style over Fashion. Yes, the women noted above may incorporate – or have incorporated – fashion items from their time into their looks and yes, a peplum can add a much needed appeal to a drab workwear outfit, but what is fashionable should form but a very small part of your classic, stylish workwear ensemble. This is where Quality over Quantity also comes in: You are going to be wearing your workwear wardrobe day-in and day-out, so it needs durable and needs to still look good a few months or even years down the line. To that point, the base of your wardrobe thus needs to be made up of items that will be wearable and stylish for at least the next two years.

adey woman

The Manda’ by Adéy Soile

How then, do you ensure that the basics within your workwear wardrobe will remain stylish for years to come? Silhouette should be your most important consideration in this regard. Opting for classic, flattering, fitted silhouettes – a pencil skirt, an empire waistline, and a tailored blazer – should aid you in keeping your look current for the foreseeable future. That does not however mean that you cannot experiment, or that you need to take the ‘safe’ option in every single aspect of your workwear wardrobe. Affordable, fashionable accessories are still the best and easiest way to jazz up any outfit.

Your actual clothing items need not be ‘safe’ either – but you need to be careful to not buy into a look that will date rapidly in seasons to come. To strike a balance in this regard, we recommend that you experiment with colour. Certain colours are more fashionable in certain seasons, but donning a colour that was all the rage last season is far more forgivable than wearing an out-of-fashion silhouette or texture.

adey woman

The Winfrey’ by Adéy Soile

If you’d like to see more of ‘The Adéy Woman’ Collection, you can take a look here.


Let us know in the comments how you keep your workwear wardrobe stylish, current and transitional. Au revoir!


Photo credit: http://www.adeysoile.com/


By Illona Meyer