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About Us

Stream Africa is an online media company that promotes Africa by providing current information to the international community. The information provided by Stream Africa includes news, culture, fashion, arts, food, health, music, movies, books, history, entertainment, and social events. Stream Africa also provides Live Streaming services.

Stream Africa is the first African online media that reports unbiased, fact-based and informative journalism. First launched on April 1st, 2013, Stream Africa has grown into the next powerhouse of journalism, media, live streaming events, entertainment and marketing.

Get connected to Stream Africa by following us on Twitter @Stream_Africa for updates on programming announcements, talent acquisitions and news. And by liking our page on Facebook for breaking news updates and to keep up with our upcoming events. Stream Africa’s Integrated Marketing and Advertising will increase awareness and global reach online through various facets of communication and social media. We have a viewer base that spans all continents.


Our Goals

Our goal is to breach the gap between Africa and the rest of the world.

Stream Africa goal is to become one of the largest African media company. 


Our Services

Media coverage

Live Streaming


(For more information about our services contact our Marketing team @ ad@streamafrica.com)

Our Team

Maimouna O. Gbor
Founder & Editor in Chief

Matengo Chwanga
Writer/correspondent & Editor

Illona Meyer
Writer and Blogger

Anelisa Nokoyo/ LifeStyle Writer

Guillaume Mahot:  Sports Writer

Lilian Gaitho: Writer/ Contributor

Josephine Wawira Mwai: Writer/ Contributor

Lisa Vives: Writer/ Contributor

Samuel Abuya
Journalist/ Correspondent


Oluwole Onafowora
Videographer/ Photographer

Anna Toure
Head of Marketing