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Stream Africa ChatRoom

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Welcome to our chatroom!

Rules and Regulations

  1. No Foul Language – Please avoid using obscene words or phrases. Like the forums, the chat is considered a PG-13 zone, and thus the language used should reflect that. Using foul language may result in a warning. Persistent behavior of the kind will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  2. No Flooding or Excess Spam – Please do not flood the channel with meaningless or repetitive messages. It distracts from the conversation and may result in a kick from the channel. Repeat offenses will result in bans.
  3. No Advertising – Entering the channel and using it solely to promote another website, IRC channel, etc will result in being kicked/banned from the room. We do not mind you talking about your own Trek fan films and the like, but we ask that you not use the channel solely for that purpose. The room is, after all, a Hidden Frontierchat room.
  4. Do Not Evade Bans – Ban evasion, which is defined as deliberately getting around a ban (either by changing your IP or other means) before the ban is served completely. Ban evasion will result in a temporary ban becoming a permanent one. Repeat attempts will result in it being considered as harrassment, the consequences of which are defined below.
  5. Follow Operator Instructions – We ask that you follow all instructions given to you by channel operators. Failure to follow instructions will result in a kick and/or ban from the channel.
  6. Do Not Harrass Members – Harrassing members or moderators of the chat room, or any other user on the IRC server will result in severe repercussions, including but not limited to a kline — or permanent ban from the server (not just the channel) — and possibly a police report, depending on the severity of the harrassment.