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US Special Forces set to go to Syria “very soon”

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A senior official said the US soldiers would organize local forces in their fight against ISIS as the Syrian president said his troops were ‘advancing on every front’


By Samuel Abuya

Dozens of US Special Forces will start arriving in Syria “very soon” as promised by the Obama’s administration, a senior official has confirmed.

The US forces are set to play a critical role in organizing the local forces in the fight against the Islamic State militants, the world’s most feared terrorists.

According to Brett McGurk who spoke to the CBS television, the Special Forces have a track record in their operations against terrorists and the administration is optimistic that they will replicate the same in Syria.

McGurk did not however give a timeline or specific date as to when the forces will be leaving for Syria thanks to the “sensitivity of the nature of the operation”.

He however gave the estimated number of troops that are expected to be involved in the operation.

According to McGurk, the more than 50 troops will enter northern Syria very soon.

This operation was announced in October and is aimed at helping the Syrian forces in their training and giving them advice on how to combat the ISIS elements.

“This operation comes after the Syrian troops have conducted a very successful operation whereby they were able to recover 1,100 square kilometers of land and more than 300 fighters killed. The fight is meant to recover the whole of Raqqa where it is believed that most of these terrorist operations are organized and based,” McGurk said.

He added that their only goal in the operation is to take over Raqqa and eliminate all the IS leaders. The mission is also aimed at cutting off ISIS’s source of money and any other connection they might have to other fighters all over the world. He said that the fighters’ attacks in Tunisia, Paris, Turkey, Beirut and Russia is threatening global peace and security and as such, they had to be dealt with immediately.

On Sunday, President Barrack Obama vowed that the US troops will destroy the IS groups at all cost.

“We are tightening our operations with all partners on the ground. We will keep rolling back in Syria and Iraq and make sure we take all their leaders to ensure that they do not threaten us. We will make sure that we destroy them completely,” President Obama added.

Senator Diane Feinstein who is the senior democratic member of the intelligence committee said in a press conference on Sunday that Obama’s government is good enough to give positive results in the operation.

“I am concerned that there is no enough time. We have to be very aggressive since the fighters are becoming very aggressive as well and they are many in number too. They have funding as well and therefore they have become very strong over time,” Feinstein said.

Feinstein suggested that more US forces be deployed in the area otherwise the problem will not be solved. He added that the main idea is to cut the insurgents from all access that they have with the outer world.



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