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The Khana Group Reports “Top 7 Candidates trending for 2017 Liberian Elections”

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The Khana Group, an international advisory firm specializing in African matters, has released its inaugural report on Liberia, titled “Liberia’s Political Landscape- Top 7 Candidates Trending for 2017.” The stated purpose of the report is to “inform Liberians, organizations and business stakeholders of the leadership projections and trajectory of the country.”

The report intended to show the leading candidates for the upcoming elections in 2017; and performed an in-depth analysis of 21 preliminary candidates, who were then reduced to the leading seven. Their preliminary list was based on data from media sources such as newspapers and publicized interviews.

The data was collected from a survey of more than 2,000 Liberians, and several non-Liberians. The survey was based in 6 counties: Lofa, Grand Bassa, Nimba, Monteserrado, Margibi and Bong. There are 15 counties in Liberia.

The seven individuals who, according to the report, are likely to produce the next president of Liberia are:

  • Amara M. Konneh-Minister for Planning & Economic Affairs, and Minister for Finance. He has an extensive education, has been involved in the rebuilding of the country and is President’s Sirleaf closest advisor.
  • Augustine K. Ngafuan- Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is also in the president’s inner circle
  • George Weah- renowned international soccer star turned politician; he was recently appointed a Peace Ambassador by the president and is also the chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee. He is widely popular with the youth, who make up an overwhelming majority of the voting bloc.
  • Jewel Howard Taylor-former wife of Charles Taylor, currently a senior senator, and widely popular despite Taylor’s conviction in The Hague. She is also widely read, holding two MBAs and a law degree.
  • Joseph Boakai- the current Vice President of Liberia. He is generally like because of his clean image, but his government will be seen as a continuation of the current one, which is losing favor with people.
  • Kwame Clement- A former news anchor with a great academic background but lacking political expertise.
  • Leymah Gbowee- co-winner of Nobel Peace prize who is not affiliated to any political party.

According to the report, the candidates with the highest probability of succeeding President Sirleaf when she steps down in 2017 are Leymah Gbowee, Jewel Howard Taylor and George Weah.

The report performed a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of each individual, with recommendations at the end of each analysis.


By Matengo Chwanya

Editor: Nancy Nguyen


Source: The Khana Group