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Road Trip safety tips

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By Cynthia Tumwine

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If you are the kind of person who likes to take trips out of town to experience a change of scenery for your adventures, then this will be a productive read. We all know that traveling by road can be long and tiring but most importantly, could possibly be unsafe if not carefully thought through. Here are some tips by Jumia Travel to help you as you embark on your travels.
First and foremost before any trip is started, the car should be checked to make sure that it is roadworthy and not in dangerous mechanic condition. The brakes, tyres and radiator are common causes of frustration to drivers when they aren’t properly working and if are not in perfect condition they could lead to accidents.

Secondly, before you start your road trip it is important to ensure that you have your seat belt strapped on. Seat belts may be uncomfortable we can all agree, but they could potentially save your life in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs. So make sure that seat belt is on and the journey can begin.

Third, once the journey has started it’s also important to maintain a reasonable speed, depending on where you are. Areas with schools and animals require a slower speed than the highway. Speed kills as the saying goes. The road can be unpredictable so if you are flying that might cause an accident that could leave you, your passengers and other road users hurt or killed.

Tip four. This is one safety tip that goes without saying. DO NOT Drink and Drive. People usually like to get a little drunk on trips which is okay for as long as you are not the designated driver and co-driver. Yes, this has been extended to co-driver because the whole point of someone sitting in the co-driver’s seat is to help navigate. Drinking and driving can impair judgement and vision which is dangerous because this leads to accidents. Drunk Driving is one of leading causes of road accidents and there should really be no reason for an innocent person to lose their lives because you wanted to a have a little drink. Wait till you get to your destination for the sake of other road users and your own passengers in the car.

Fifth, a common rising problem in today’s internet era where social media rules our lives is driving while on the phone. It’s key to mention that you must not text and drive. No you cannot quickly Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter while behind the wheel. Calls may be distracting as well but if you are using headsets or an inbuilt car phone that could work.

Lastly, if you are on a highway and are at a high speed and need to overtake. It is important that you execute this with caution. Collisions could be likely especially areas that have narrow
roads and especially because you can never predict the other driver’s thoughts. Only overtake when you are sure the road is clear and you are not around a bend where you can’t see what’s ahead.

With all these tips you are sure to have an awesome road trip with as few issues as possible. Go out take a drive, see the countryside. Life can only be summed up to the wonderful
experiences we have on earth.

Stay Adventurous!