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Lone attacker orchestrates 18 hour siege at rural home of Kenya’s Deputy President

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Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto

A lone assailant managed to break into the compound of the country home of Kenya’s Deputy President, William Ruto, and lay siege near the main gate for more than 18 hours.

The attack happened while only workers and the security team were present, as Deputy President Ruto had already left the house for a campaign rally half an hour earlier.

The whole incident, which occurred in the Sugoi region of Eldoret, a town some 300km from the capital Nairobi, started with the man attacking one of two paramilitary policemen posted at the main gate.

The Sugoi residence has about 150 workers entering and leaving daily, and the man was a well-known hawker in the area; it seems that this sense of familiarity allowed him to get very close to the security personnel without them feeling any sense of danger, until he launched his machete attack.

He then somehow managed to access the armory, from where he seems to have had access to several guns.

“The gunman was using different guns to confuse security forces that they were many,” said Mr. Wanyama Musiambo, the Rift Valley Regional Coordinator, who’s in charge of security in the former Rift Valley province.

He hid himself in an unfinished building near the gate, and from this vantage point, shot at police officers.

Despite the deployment of canine units, the elite Israel-trained Recce Unit which protects members of the presidency, and many other regular police officers, the standoff lasted until Sunday morning, when the suspect was shot dead.

The police have launched an investigation into the attack, with a relative of the attacker currently being detained.