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OKC defeated at MSG

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By Guillaume Mahot

Oklahoma City Thunder wished to make it pleasant for former Knick Carmelo Anthony, who was coming back to New York for the first time after his move to the West franchise this summer. Last evening was actually a difficult day for Melo, who scored only 12 points (5/18, no point in the second half) and witnessed his squad lose quite heavily at Madison Square Garden by 111 points to 96 for Big Apple.


Whistled by a part of the MSG, Carmelo Anthony confirmed the difficulties The Thunder is currently coping with, finding it hard to make the Big Three cohabitate and play altogether, which leads to a disappointing ranking in the West (8th for 14 victories and 15 defeats). If Melo scored 12 points, Paul George added 18 (6/14) while Russell Westbrook was less awkward with 25 points (9/18), 7 rebounds and 7 assists.


The winners, who had to do without their Latvian center Porzingis, injured and missing for this game, found in Michael Beasley an astonishing substitute who scored not less than 30 points (11/18) in 38 minutes! Well followed by Courtney Lee and his 20 points, Beasley enabled his team to grasp the 7th place in the East and showed that the Knicks do have possibilities and alternatives even though their franchise player is not on the court.


The evening was more complicated for the NYC Frenchies since Joakim Noah did not play while Frank Ntilikina played 13 minutes for no point.


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