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Mandela’s Grandson to be Prosecuted for Assault

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mandela grandson

Mandla Mandela, the grandson of the ex-South African President Nelson Mandela will be facing assault charges.

The spokesman for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Luxolo Tyali said that summons have been sent to Mandla. The summons required him to appear in court at Mthatha Region on Friday, 6 December 2013.

A local media reported that Mandla Mandela was accused of pointing a gun at a teacher following a collision of the teacher’s car with another car belonging to his guest. Mandla himself was not involved in the accident. He was in another vehicle.

The collision led to an argument. The teacher who was identified as Mlamli Ngudle took the matter to court claiming that he was hospitalized because of Mandla’s assault on him.

Tyali who announced that Mandla would appear in court on Friday did not give any detail about the incident. However, a surgical operation was carried out on the 44-year-old teacher in order to remove a blood clot from his brain.

A spokesman of Mandela’s grandson refuted the accusation describing it as pure fabrication.

Earlier this year, Mandla also had a court case which made strong headlines. The judge that handled the case instructed him to return the remains of his father and two other children of his grandfather, which he moved two years ago from a memorial centre dedicated to Nelson Mandela.

Mandela’s relatives took Mandla to court demanding that he returned the remains of his grandfather’s three children but Mandla wanted them to be buried on his property claiming that it was his traditional right as the local head of the family.

Tando Mabunu-Mandela, the first wife of Mandla also sued her husband for bigamy after he refused to abide by the court injunction and took a Pietermaritzburg woman as his second wife.


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By Justin Anumiri