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DRC Prime Minster Samy Badibanga Resigns

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The Democratic Republic of Congo Prime Minister Samy Badibanga

The DRC Prime Minister Samy Badibanga resigned a day after the country’s President Joseph Kabila announced that he will appoint his replacement who is supposed to take over from the incumbent within 48 hours.

Radio Okapi, a local radio station announced that the sitting Badibanga tendered his resignation to President Kabila at his state house, Palais de la Nation. The outgoing PM ordered his staff to ensure the transition of power is smooth.

Badibanga, a member of an opposition party, was appointed Prime Minister in November last year following the opposition move to boycott the peace talks. His appointment came as a result of a power-sharing pact that was signed between the Kabila administration and a few opposition parties.

The coalition of the opposition parties, however, rubbished the deal saying it was not inclusive and said they will push for protests until President Kabila relinquishes power.

While addressing parliament on Wednesday, President Kabila said he will name a new PM in less than 48 hours. He further asked the opposition coalition to front candidates for the job. The opposition coalition which is currently led by Felix Tshisekedi, son to the late Etienne Tshisekedi, a former leader of the opposition, is pushing for a general strike in the DRC in protest to what they call attempts by the incumbent president to bar the peace agreement reached on December 3.

The Catholic bishops who, for a long time, have been overseeing the mediation between the disagreeing parties announced their pull out citing unwillingness by both parties to reach a compromise.

The president, however, expressed his optimism that the peace talks will continue in spite of the bishops pulling out.

The demonstrations might come to an end should the opposition parties agree to forward the names of their nominees to President Kabila who will pick one as the country’s prime minister to replace Badibanga until the country goes to the election this year as required by the peace deal.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been experiencing conflicts especially after the opposition accused Kabila of trying to cling on to power even after his constitutional two terms came to an end.



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