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Denmark is offering family planning aid to curb migration

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The Danish government has offered to provide contraceptive aid to curb Africa’s high fertility rate as a means to limit migration to Europe.

Speaking at a London conference early this week, Denmark’s Minister for Development Co-operation, Ulla Tornaes, revealed that the Danish government was going to provide the equivalent of $14 million to developing nations for family planning programs.

“Unwanted pregnancies have enormous costs in developing countries…[this] has huge costs where many countries’ development step is limited by high population growth,” said Ulla Tornaes.

“If the population growth in Africa continues as now, the African population will double from 1.2 billion people to 2.5 billion people by 2050,” she added.

By reducing this high population growth rate, migratory pressures being felt by Europe could in the long run be eased, the minister extrapolated.

She isn’t the only European leader to express such an association between Africa’s high population growth rate and its inability to develop; French President Emmanuel Macron was recently quoted airing the same sentiment.

Speaking at the G20 Summit, Pres. Macron was quoted saying, “A successful demographic transition when countries still have seven to eight children per woman-you can decide spend billions of euros, you will not stabilize anything.”

African countries tend to top the list of global birth rates and fertility rates, and African governments have been working towards lowering these rates.

In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, the government is focusing on increasing the number of women who have access to contraceptives, while traditional leaders are calling for a restriction on practices such as polygamy, especially where the man can ill-afford to maintain his multiple wives, and their many children.