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SA Shop Hub, An e-Shop Set to Create Jobs for Africans Goes Live

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SA Shop Hub will recruit agents across Africa who will earn commissions out of every sale that will be made.

By Sam Abuya

A unique online shopping platform for Africa, SA Shop Hub, has been launched and has been received with a lot of expectations across the continent thanks to its main purpose – creating jobs. The platform which is not only all about selling different products around the continent but also creating jobs for the young creative and tech-oriented young Africans was unveiled a few days ago and is set to change the online shopping landscape across Africa.

According to its proprietors, SA Shop Hub has been made user friendly and secure as much as possible. That is to say that one can simply shop right from the comfort of their home or office and without worrying if the payment is safe.

A quick look at the new website shows that the products have been clustered into categories in order to make the search easier for shoppers.  The categories range from electronics to skin care and beauty, women fashion to entertainment and hair, home and garden to men fashion to mention a few.

“SA Shop Hub literally stands out not only because we allow our clients to shop more for less but majorly because, unlike most online shopping platforms, our main aim is to create jobs for the young African population which is currently, according to reliable statistics, unemployed. We’ll recruit a good number of them as agents and they will be able to generate income by getting a commission out of every sale that they make online,” said Maimouna Gbor, a senior manager at SA Shop Hub.

SA Shop Hub is currently hiring agents across Africa and the agents will be given unique codes that shoppers will be using when making any purchase. The codes are used to identify the agents in order to know who has sold what so as to facilitate the payment of their commissions.

Another exceptional factor about the new online shopping platform is the reality that clients can buy in their own local currencies across Africa. The products will also be shipped to the clients’ doorsteps.

SA Shop Hub is an international online market place that has its presence across all African countries and is retailing its products at much cheaper prices, a fact which is set to give the traditional and dominant online shopping platforms a run for their money.  Payment options at SA Shop Hub include PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, DISCOVER and Pay among others. The platform is run by individuals who have set their eyes on increasing job creation opportunities for the youthful African population.


For more information, kindly contact:

Email: sashophub@gmail.com

Website: https://sashophub.com



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