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Bielsa does not find

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By Guillaume Mahot

Marcelo Bielsa is still looking for the best way to make his team play, and it takes a long time. Meanwhile, Lille does not win and fans start to wonder whether this Ligue 1 season will be about fighting to stay in first division or not.

It tends to be the current direction, although the Argentinian coach makes us understand that time and patience are more than necessary to help him concretize his ideas. We want to believe him, but football hates patience, and coaches are the first ones to get threatened when things do not go the right way. And yet, we are talking about Bielsa.

Last night was nothing new, unfortunately, for Lille. Opposed to Olympique de Marseille of Cameroonian midfielder Franck Zambo Anguissa, who will not participate to the next football world cup in Russia with his nation, the Dogues got scored in the five first minutes of the game by Morgan Sanson and score did not change afterwards (0-1).

Bielsa, who used to coach Marseille in 2014/2015, now finds himself in a delicate situation, even though he experimented such a hardship before: we should all know that his principles can take long to get understood by his players, all the more as we are here talking about young and new players, who currently lack trust to do even the simplest things. Algerian striker Benzia, Ivorian Pépé, Dutch El Ghazi, Brazilians Thiago Maia, Thiago Mendes, Araujo…All these players are less than 25 and more generally, the age average in Lille is very low (less than 23 years old).

Ranking 19th today, with a game less (against Amiens after the recent incidents that caused injuries among Lille fans), Lille has no choice and shall win very soon, at least to buy peace, time and confidence. Supported by his board, Bielsa knows it as well.

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