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Best Places for Hosting Your Wedding Ceremony Around the World

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There is no doubt that a wedding is a celebration of love, at least according to many people who have traveled that path. A modern trend is a wedding abroad. The magnificent procession, the exotic entourage, gentle sea and a light breeze, couples in love – what could be more romantic and what country to choose for a wedding ceremony? Have you thought of a wedding ceremony as a successful online dating result? We have compiled a list of the seven most appropriate countries for your goal.

1) Seychelles

This is a number one within romantic tourist destinations. If you dream about adventures and strive for new unexplored sensations, then a wedding ceremony on the islands in the Indian Ocean is exactly what you need. A romantic cruise around the beautiful Seychelles is just amazing. You will say words of love far from civilization on a deserted beach and at sunset.

2) Maldives

Maldives has long been popular among those who want to connect their destiny. These beautiful islands attract by secluded beaches and luxury hotels. An unusual wedding ceremony held under the water will be filled with vivid impressions. A background for wedding photos will be picturesque corals and numerous colorful tropical fish. A romantic dinner will be held in the underwater restaurant, where the glass roof and walls will allow you to feel like a part of the fabulous underwater kingdom!

3) Sri Lanka

The island has everything to forget about everyday life: gentle sun, white sand, rustle of palm trees, aromas of tea and spices. You can order a ceremony in Buddhist or European style. If you choose the first variant, then your wedding clothes will be traditional Indian outfits. All the way of the newlyweds to the place of celebration will be accompanied by hymns of girls and traditional national dances of young men to the sound of drums.

4) Las Vegas

Wedding in Las Vegas – this is a variant for lovers of adventures. Here you can do anything: marry in Hawaiian shorts or Darth Vader’s costume, skate in a wedding dress on a skateboard or drink tequila all night long. Las Vegas is a real classic for those who decide to get married quickly and cheerfully, and maybe even secretly. There is the simplest procedure for registering a marriage in the capital of the gambling world. Traditionally, you just need to take something old, new, blue and borrowed with you – and go to the chapel! Then you can go to the casino and bet on a date of your acquaintance or a favorite number of a bride. Remember that newcomers are lucky!

5) Cyprus

If you want to tell about your big or not very big but still Greek wedding for many years after its celebration, then go to Cyprus. The birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite will help organize a wedding ceremony. And you just need to wear tunics, sandals and swear each other in love and faithfulness at sunset near the sea waves, from which the goddess appeared. Then a romantic dinner will wait on newlyweds with all the Greek attributes: wine, grapes, oranges, olives, cheese, fish. Besides, you may learn some intriguing myths about Russian women here. There are lots of Russian girls spending their vacations in Greece.

6) Paris

You can choose almost any place for an unforgettable ceremony in France – old picturesque castles, the Palace of Versailles, the castles of the Loire, Provence or the French Riviera! And, of course, Paris! A subtle charm, a delightful aroma of its summer twilight, a very special feeling of beauty will make you hold your breath during the most bright and romantic event in your life!

7) Dominican Republic

Just imagine: a white beach (one of the five best beaches in the world, by the way!), a transparent blue ocean – and no one else but you and your soul mate. Wedding in the Dominican Republic will suit those who have long dreamed to escape. You can dress up in funny Hawaiian costumes, stand at the altar of tropical flowers and play a serenade on a small Hawaiian guitar or maracas.




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