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13 dead and hundreds injured as terrorists strike Spain

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At least 13 people have been killed and hundreds injured in in two terrorist attacks in Spain’s Catalonia region, with one attack occurring in Barcelona while the other took place in the town of Cambrils, located to the south of Barcelona.

In Barcelona, a white van ran over pedestrians for about 500m on the Las Ramblas boulevard, a 1.2km stretch that is usually packed with tourists and locals alike. The van seems to have stopped after crashing into a newspaper kiosk.

The Las Ramblas boulevard in Barcelona

The Las Ramblas boulevard in Barcelona, where the terrorist attack took place.

13 people were killed in this attack, which also left about a hundred injured, including 15 who have suffered grievous harm.

The attack in Cambrils occurred hours after the attack in Barcelona.

The attackers in Cambrils drove an Audi A3, and they had run over 6 civilians and one police officer by the time security forces shot them dead. One victim of this attack is in critical condition.

An accomplice of the Cambrils attackers, who was on foot, was wounded during an attempt to detain him and later died from his injuries.

The police have two suspects in custody, one of whom is a Moroccan who reportedly handed himself over to the police after seeing his pictures circulating as the man who hired the van used to perpetrate the Barcelona attack. The Moroccan suspect claims that his documents were stolen by his younger brother, who resides in Barcelona.

The second suspect is a Spaniard from the enclave of Melilla. He was arrested in the town of Alcanar, where a house was reduced to rubble on Wednesday by an explosion which also revealed that the building had a suspiciously large number of gas cylinders.