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Luxury Getaway – Mena House Hotel, Giza, Egypt

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Welcome to the third article in our luxury getaways series, where we aim to introduce you to the top, most highly recommended resorts, lodges and hotels in Africa. If you missed the first two articles in the series, where we introduced you to the Thornybush Game Lodge in South Africa and the Palms Beach Resort in Zanzibar, feel free to catch up here and here.

mena house hotel mena house hotel2

The Location

You do not have to be an ancient history or archaeology boff to know that the Pyramids at Giza – the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – are a truly spectacular must-see. As far as location is concerned, it does not get better than the five-star Mena House Hotel at Giza, Cairo, which in actual fact overlooks the Pyramids.

mena house hotel

Basking in the shadow of the imposing Great Pyramid of Giza, and with the sprawling and enthralling capital of Egypt a mere 18 kilometres away, it is Mena House’s location that first and foremost makes it the best luxury hotel in Egypt.

The Hotel

mena house hotel

mena house hotel

The Hotel, established in 1869, is itself a marvel. As apparent from the above images, the interior design of the hotel is authentically Egyptian and antiquated – no modern chrome and steel here. That does not however mean that Mena House’s amenities will leave you wanting. For example, the Hotel offers has a fitness centre that is equipped with the latest cardiovascular and strength stations.

Making the most of its breath-taking, soul-searing view, the Hotel also has a spa – referred to as an ‘oasis of peace and well-being’ – set in its lush gardens, as well as a swimming pool [refreshing in Summer, heated in Winter], and a golf course with 11 fairways, 4 lakes and 18 unique golf holes.

mena house hotel

The Rooms

mena house hotel

mena house hotel

At Mena House, rooms and suites are lavishly appointed with traditionally inspired furnishings and rich carpets. For a true luxury experience, suites in the old Palace section, which includes the Deluxe Pyramid View Suite and the Executive Suite amongst others, feature beautiful traditional detailing, murals, screens, panelling, gilding, fine upholstery, original wooden balustrades and arched windows.

Guests in the suites also enjoy the privilege of a private butler service and 24 hour in-room dining, which brings us to:

The Dining Experience

As far as we are concerned, the dining experience at Mena House Hotel deserves particular mention. The dining options available at your doorstep include the Lounge Bar, the Garden Terrace, the Mogul Room [Gourmet Indian Cuisine], Khan el Khalili [Fine Egyptian and Middle Eastern Cuisine], Alfredo [Italian Cuisine], and the Sultan Lounge – which allows guests to “sip perfectly poured cocktails from a perch overlooking the Pyramids.”

If you have visited Mena House Hotel or the Pyramids at Giza, we’d love to hear about your experience and about where you enjoyed staying, do let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: http://www.menahousehotel.com/


Words by Illona Meyer