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Introducing Ova Tété, a Vibrant New Collection by Wazal Couture

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Wazal Couture, an emerging fashion label founded by French-Cameroonian designer Joseph Ayissi, recently launched its 2016/2017 collection—titled ‘Ova Tété’—in Paris.

AYISSI-NGA_Wazal_Afrofresh couture

Characterised by what can be termed ‘stylish sports luxe offset by uniquely African fabrics, details and cuts,’ Wazal Couture is known for its seamless blending of an array of fabrics—from denim and wax to leather and faux fur, prints, and colours. The Ova [meaning ‘important’ or ‘noble person’ in Cameroonian slang] Tété [meaning ‘chic’ or ‘bourgeois’] collection comprises futuristic silhouettes and high quality African wax prints from Senegal and Mali.

couture couture

Says Ayissi of his collection, “‘tété’ refers to the modernity of the collection, as well as to the ‘chic’ style of those who know how to dress well, and ‘ova’ to the nobility and quality of the materials utilised throughout the collection.” On the characteristic modernity of the archetypical Wazal Couture collection and the particularly futuristic nature of the Ova Tété collection, Ayissi states that he prefers being ahead of his time because “the fashion world is in constant evolution.”

couture couture

We, here at Stream Africa, think that the Ova Tété collection perfectly manages to showcase futurism with a nod to traditionalism. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Wazal Couture

Written by Illona Meyer