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Festive Beauty

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The Top Three Makeup Looks to Rock this Festive Season

From your end-of-year party at work, to New Year’s Eve, and everything in-between, the festive is your chance to step out of your makeup comfort zone somewhat. Of course, similar to the case with festive fashion [if you have not yet seen our ‘Festive Fashion’ article, be sure to check it out!], festive beauty walks a fine line between glamour and gaudiness—the idea being to vamp it up, but not go overboard.

Without further ado, here are the top three makeup looks to rock this festive season:

The Red Lip

Festive Beauty Festive Beauty2

The red lip is simultaneously classic and current, and rocking a red lip certainly makes a statement. Anyone can wear red lipstick; it is just a matter of finding the right shade for your skin tone. If you are fair, a matte, slightly orange red—such as Sleek’s Papaya Punch—is the perfect option for you. If your skin tone is bronze, a pinkish red—such as Sleek’s Plush or black|Up’s RGE32 Matte—would best suit you. If your skin is coco coloured, you can don a warm orange-ish red—such as Sleek’s OMG or black|Up’s RGE17 Matte. If you are dark skinned, a cool-toned berry shade of red—such as Sleek’s Dare or black|Up’s RGE13—would beautifully complement your skin tone.

You have probably heard time and again that, when wearing a statement lip, you should go neutral on your eyes and vice versa to avoid looking overdone. While this may be true for the rest of the year, this rule flies out the window in December/Early January. Which brings us to:

Smoky, Sparkly Eyes

Festive Beauty3 Festive Beauty4 Festive Beauty5

Festive Beauty6

Festive Beauty7             Festive Beauty8

You should make an effort to never apply eye makeup too heavily as—regardless of what’s going on with your lips—you can end up looking like a mannequin if you overdo the mascara, eyeliner and false eyelashes in particular. That does not, however, mean you cannot rock a smoky eye with fluttery lashes or a sparkly eye with a cat eye flick. For the former, we recommend black|Up Intense Radiance Eyeshadow, Waterproof Smoky Kohl Pencil and Volumising and Lengthening Mascara. For the latter, we recommend Sleek Eye Dust and Flick It Eyeliner.

For the Daring – Additional Embellishment

A 70s throwback, in keeping with the current 70s revival, face gems or sequins are back and sparklier than ever. If you are not daring enough to apply face gems on a random night out, what better night to do it then than on New Year’s Eve?

What beauty look or makeup item are you rocking this festive season? Let us know in the comments below!


Words by Illona Meyer