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Designer Focus – Trine Lindegaard

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Trine Lindegaard is a brand that not merely preaches sustainability and social upliftment – sustainable manufacturing and socially responsible projects are in actual fact at the heart of the brand’s practice.

trine lindegaard

A contemporary menswear brand that creates bold, whimsical, colourful, and playful collections, Trine Lindegaard focuses on sustainable manufacturing through socially responsible workshops, collaborations and projects. Key initiatives include design and craft projects in UK prisons, based around the traditions of hand embroidery, and collaborations with West African weavers, who produce extinct Kente fabrics for the brand. In essence, Trine Lindegaard manages to encapsulate a light-hearted, carefree design and style signature, whilst the process of creation is anything but superfluous and carefree.

trine lindegaard

trine lindegaard

A Work in Progress – the A/W 2016 Collection

The design workshops for Trine Lindegaard’s A/W 2016 collection kicked off earlier in October, continuing the designer’s collaboration with ITMV (In Line with the World – which aims to rebuild women’s self-esteem by engaging their skills and creative power) in Ishøj and Rødovre. The immigrant women at ITMV have been feverishly embroidering designs for the brand, inspired by the brief to ‘capture their favourite dish by transforming it into embroidery.’ For the collection, the focus is on the different ways in which cultures present, eat and experience food.

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Trine Lindegaard does not only focus on sustainable design through such workshops as the above when creating actual collections; the brand goes above and beyond to promote certain causes, such as refugee asylum, and continuously fosters and drives the spirit of creation through various projects – whether the results of these projects eventually feature on an article of clothing in a collection or not.


About the Designer


Born in Odense, Denmark, Trine Lindegaard graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London with an MA in Menswear in 2010. Lindegaard’s graduate collection received international press coverage, and she has not looked back since. The utilisation of colourful, bold embellishment and innovative textile techniques, as well as playing with shapes and silhouettes and applying unique production methods, allows Lindegaard to create truly exceptional signature collections year on year.

trine lindegaard


What do you think about Trine Lindegaard’s designs? Do you love it as much as we do?


Photo Credit: http://www.trinelindegaard.com/


Words by Illona Meyer