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Designer Focus – Soraya da Piedade

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Angolan designer Soraya da Piedade’s eponymous fashion label is simultaneously classic, elegant and innovative.

Africa fashion

Image Credit: Soraya da Piedade

Soraya de Piedade at Africa Fashion Week London

africa fashion

Image Credit: Africa Fashion Week London

Representing Angola at Africa Fashion Week London, da Piedade wowed attendees with her seamless ability to combine classic and trendy silhouettes and to incorporate avant-garde details without descending into garishness. Practiced at [and known for] marrying diverse patterns to combine ‘different worlds’, da Piedade’s showcase at AFWL epitomized the event’s locus with garments that are glamorous and in vogue with a decided African edge.

Classique Collection

Africa fashion

Image Credit: Soraya da Piedade

Africa Fashion

Image Credit: Soraya da Piedade

The ‘Classique’ collection, which opened Angola Fashion Week XV, is Stream Africa’s ‘most wanted’ of da Piedade’s work. At the outset, the collection aims to embody the term ‘classic with a contemporary twist’ by emphasizing the timelessness of the architectural structures that inspired it, but reflecting the modern society in which the structures in question operate. This approach brings to the fore graphic prints, structured shapes and delicate lace in a collection that integrates sensuality and elegance. With a color palette comprising yellow, black, grey and white, and with shantung fabrics, muslin and silk crepe as the raw materials, the collection hits its mark spectacularly. An instant classic indeed.

About the Designer

In addition to having harbored a distinct taste for fashion and a spark of indistinguishable creativity from a young age, Soraya da Piedade retains a decided flair for business. Having studied both Business Management and Fashion Design, da Piedade’s brand showcases a balance between avant-garde creationism and a discerning business savvy rooted in an innate understanding of what is on trend and what will sell. Also appreciative of the ever-expanding nature of fashion and the fact that it is no longer an interest only for females of a certain size, da Piedade is branching out into men’s, plus size, and kids’ fashion. This is of course in addition to her award-winning couture, ready-to-wear and bridal wear portfolio.

In recognition of her unique yet sophisticated eye for design and ability to beautifully combine influences from across the world, da Piedade won the Revelation Designer Award at Moda Luanda in Brazil, and was again nominated in 2014 and 2015 respectively. A veteran of Angola Fashion Week, da Piedade was most recently recognized as Fashion Designer of the Year in 2015.

A definite jewel in the crown of African fashion, we cannot wait to see what Soraya da Piedade shows the world in 2016.

Written by Illona Meyer