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Beauty Brand Focus – Signature Cosmetics

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With a chain of 67 stores throughout Southern Africa, affordable makeup and beauty brand Signature Cosmetics is the go-to option for the young beauty guru.

signature cosmetics

Signature Cosmetics boasts a truly impressive range of products and colours, but it is the brand’s affordability and accessibility that makes it a winner in our books. With stores across South Africa as well as Namibia and Botswana, Signature is the perfect option for first-time makeup users or for older, budget-conscious makeup mavens.

We are particularly impressed with Signature’s eyeshadows, blushers, powders and foundations. Despite the brand’s affordability, the colour payoff on its eyeshadows is impressive and its blushers are quite pigmented. Its array of available powders and foundations is diverse, with foundations formulated to suit a range of skin tones and a variety of powder options [including pressed and loose] to suit a range of skin types.

signature cosmetics


signature cosmetics


Signature’s spectrum of makeup products includes a nail polish range consisting of about 50 colours, a foundation range comprising 15 colours and 2 formulations, a range of blushers consisting of about 6 colours, and a lipstick range comprising about 30 colours. The brand also manufactures French Manicure sets, a range of mascaras, single eyeshadows, eyeshadow trios, lip and eye pencils, liquid eyeliners, concealers, powders, and lip glosses.


As far as its non-makeup beauty range is concerned, Signature stocks nail treatments, fragrances, bath products, and skin treatments – the latter of which includes a moisturising night cream, green tea hydrating body lotion, and tissue + Vitamin E oil skincare range.

signature cosmetics


signature cosmetics

In addition to its own branded products, the Signature stores across Southern Africa also stock some of the biggest drugstore beauty brands worldwide, including Revlon and Yardley.

Launched in 1997, Signature Cosmetics’ focus has always been on providing affordable quality to consumers. For the past 18 years, the brand has seemingly done just that, and its Signature branded products have become trusted by the Southern African consumer – to the point that the Signature range comprises 70+% of the company’s sales.

Unfortunately, Signature Cosmetics are currently only available in the countries listed above. If you are based in or travelling to Southern Africa, you can use the store locator to locate the Signature store closest to you or you can first opt to check out the brand’s full range of available products. Happy browsing!


Photo Credit: http://www.signaturecosmetics.co.za/

Words by Illona Meyer