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African Aromatics – The Soul and Spirit of Africa

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African Aromatics is a brand not only inspired by the aromas and scents of Africa – it truly encapsulates the fragrant soul of the continent. Created in South Africa, African Aromatics does not merely attempt to capture the essence of Africa – it captured that essence and then pulverized and blended it into a truly unique gamut of fragrances.



Born out of many years of research into the forgotten traditional techniques of fragrance capturing and preservation, techniques utilised before the introduction of synthetic preservatives or chemical synthetic flavourants, African Aromatics’ range or products are 100% natural – and created from ingredients sourced across Africa.

The old fragrance capturing and preservation techniques have ceased to be employed en masse due to being considered too costly and time consuming, but African Aromatics maintains that these techniques are nonetheless the purest and most effective way to truly capture the essence of a scent.

Of course, this is the twenty-first century, and as such the brand not only promises artisan-produced products, steeped in ancient history, but also careful modern scientific research into each of the ingredients used.

The African aromatics product line up comprises perfumes, aromatics – including Ambergris, Hyraceum, and Resin – perfume pendants, pouches, and salts and spices.

For Her:

Two of our favourite fragrances ‘for her’ from African Aromatics:



A rich nutty blend of dark chocolate and honey blossoms, the fragrance Aurora is a must for those who love ‘delectable’ fragrances.


De Hoop

Inspired by – and encapsulating – the Afro-European fusion of the Cape, the De Hoop fragrance comprises a African Chypre base and notes of grape blossom, lavender, rose, jasmine, and the herbaceous green floral scents of fynbos.


For Him:

Two fragrances ‘for him’ from African Aromatics:



With notes of citrus and Frankincense delicately blended with hints of woods and spices, Apollo is a great all-purpose fragrance that ‘she’ might like to borrow from time to time.


Van der Hum

Van Der Hum has an aged brandy aroma, flavoured with the peel of Cape tangerines, herbs, spices, seeds and barks, with a deep golden amber base – robust and ideal for the modern adventurer.


African Aromatics’ signature fragrance:

African Dawn

African Dawn is certainly a nosefull – in the best possible way. Inspired by the creator’s desire to capture the true essence of Africa, African Dawn comprises – wait for it – fresh herbal notes of Blue Grass and Cape May, Comorian Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Jasmin and Moroccan Rose, spiced with Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves and Buchu, a Namibian Omumbiri base, Muhuhu from Tanzania, Beyo Frankincense from Somalia and leathery pheromones from the Hyraceum.

For more about African Aromatics’ perfume history go here or here for more about the brand’s fragrance inspirations.

Photo Credit: http://africanaromatics.com/

Words by Illona Meyer