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Adey Soile Presents Transcendent

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Nigerian fashion designer Tinuade Soile—creator of the brand Adey Soile—triumphs with yet another instantly classic work wear collection, aptly titled ‘Transcendent’.

Adey Soile

You may remember Stream Africa first introducing you to the Adey Soile brand a little more than a year ago after Soile had released her ‘Adey Woman’ collection [if not you can check out the article and the accompanying work wear style guide here]. Soile impressed us with her ability to create garments that are flawlessly classic and stylish as well as utterly wearable and she has done it again in releasing ‘Transcendent’, a collection that very much builds and expands on ‘Adey Woman’.

Adey Soile

Adey Soile

‘Transcendent’, much like its predecessor, showcases the tailored classicism that Soile has become known for—but make no mistake, this is not merely a continuation or repetition of the same collection. Certainly, ‘Transcendent’ very much celebrates and encapsulates what Soile refers to as the ‘Adey woman’—strong, intelligent, hardworking, ambitious, stylish and stunning—but it also adds a new, ‘pretty’ twist to the tale. The original ‘Adey Woman’ was arguably somewhat ‘sexier’, whilst ‘Transcendent’ is slightly ‘sweeter’, characterised by draped, flowing lines and fabrics. Soile, whilst continually focussed on classic, ‘wearable’ work wear, is also keenly aware of what is fashionable. To that point, she does incorporate fashionable elements [a peplum here, a high-low hem there] into her designs, but not so much as to date the garments.

Adey Soile

The title of the collection, ‘Transcendent’, is also hugely apropos—not only as a description of the collection itself, but also in referring to the Adey woman. The Adey Soile brand, if you have not been able to gather so by now, caters for and is committed to celebrating and inspiring independent, strong, inspiring working women—hence the focus on work wear. The Adey woman is transcendental; she is many things to many people: a colleague or boss, a sister, a friend, perhaps a wife, a mother. From a purely practical standpoint, the collection itself is also transcendental—created to easily go from office to evening with just an added swish of lipstick and swipe of mascara.

You can read more about Adey Soile or designer Tinuade Soile here and here, and you can view the full ‘Transcendent’ collection here.

Photo Credit: http://www.adeysoile.com/

Written by Illona Meyer